If you need to control, think Vigilant

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Why Choose Vigilant?

What does Vigilant do?

Vigilant offers solutions combining our latest products with our own state of the art software. They can be used in many different industries: security, services, police, etc.

With Vigilant solutions you can create alerts, warning you if a service or patrol hasn’t started on time and many other features that will keep your clients and yourself informed at all times with up to date reports, texts and emails in real time. This gives you an easy and efficient way to process and manage your staff reducing workload so that you and your clients benefit.

Why is it of interest to me?

Thanks to Vigilant solutions you will be able to manage your workload, saving paper and many bothersome out of hours phone calls from your staff.

Above all it will give you peace of mind. It will show your clients that you have nothing to hide, sending them daily reports with the times and services done. Your clients will have the knowledge that you are giving them a professional and efficient service.

Is it complicated to use?

No! Is the answer to that question. Our easy to use software, guides you step by step, our products are very simple to use but yet effective in what they offer. However we are always open to suggestions on how we could improve our products for your benefit.

How does it save me, the company, time and money, after my investment what do I get back?

With Time & Tracking solutions what we offer will save you:

Time: No need for your supervisors to attend the site to download the information from the readers, saving time and petrol. Time is therefore used in a more effective way.

Money: Time is Money, Saving unnecessary trips and investing that time saved will allow you to attend other more important matters, such as contacting clients, etc.

With our unmanned control room there is no need to employ someone permanently, making costly phone calls, remembering to call all your workers and many more features. It works 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. It does all the work for you, sends you the alerts and warns you of any occurrences.

Who currently uses Vigilant?

Vigilant is the leading supplier and provider of time and tracking solutions in Spain and Portugal. Establishing very productive partnerships with some of the biggest private security companies in the Peninsula. Such examples include: Prosegur, Grupo Eulen, Securitas, Vinsa, Casesa and Clece facility systems, together with many other prestigious and professional companies.

Repairs, back up, service, advice hotline and installation. Staff training, is it needed, is it a lengthy process?

The worries of an after Sales Service. At Vigilant we pride ourselves on Providing First Class Back up and Support to our Customers. Whether it is in Spain or through our first class distributor support network in the UK.

Our mission statement is simple; we aim high to ensure that we meet the expectations, quality, performance and first class service that we would expect if we were dealing with the best suppliers in the market whilst also treating our customers fairly.

We will lead you all the way and keep assisting you, training you and advising you in the day to day running of your business.