If you need to control, think Vigilant

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Who are we?

Who are we?

Vigilant was established by two young entrepreneurs in 1994, IT engineers who have both exceeded in the field of IT and electronics. In conjunction with our dedicated technical and IT team they are currently involved in the development of some exciting new products.

Since day one, innovation at Vigilant has been constant, always looking at ways of improving and keeping up with the latest technologies. The company has always had the capacity to design each and every one of our solutions and products.

Its credibility and capability have won Vigilant many awards and the respect of major players in the Security and Services world.

Vigilant products are genuine, and are produced and commercialised from our own installations here in Spain.

Through our systems we offer the possibility to “control time”. Control entry and exit times, control time of services, control patrols, control presence, control incidences, track people and vehicles and a long list of other features that make our Time and Tracking solutions an ideal complement to your day to day business, giving you and your clients the knowledge that the job is being done properly. All produced for you in an easy and efficient time saving way.

The main sectors that use our products are Security and Cleaning and Maintenance services although it can be used by any company that has mobile workers on the street and in remote locations.