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What does Vigilant offer?

What does Vigilant offer?

Vigilant has been offering since 1994 Workforce and Compliance management solutions tailored to suit your business. Governments, Banks, Security, Facilities etc.

With our workforce management solutions we offer you the possibility to go paperless, reducing up to 95% the amount of paper work used by your staff filling in time consuming reports. This gives you the possibility to simplify your work load, giving you and your customers a wider choice of information available immediately.

Thanks to our workforce and compliance management solutions you will be able to audit your services, generating reports, inspections, attendance control, presence…

Our hardware and software solutions are easy to implement and their simplicity allows you and your staff to increase productivity immediately.

No matter how big or how small your workforce might be, Vigilant solutions are designed to adapt to any situation. If you are a security company we offer you complete solutions for the management of your services, from patrol guard tour systems with integrated Bluetooth along with our Active Security unmanned control centre you will have complete control over your business in a more effective way, reducing costs and time, increasing productivity of your staff. If you have a cleaning company and you wish to monitor your services we also offer you the perfect solution. Cleaning monitoring in this day and age is of extreme importance, not only to show that you are providing the services that the customer has paid for but also to reduce the risk of infections, especially in hospitals or any medical facility. With our Time and Attendance solutions you will have complete knowledge that the job is being done to the highest standards.

Tracking systems are now becoming an essential tool in any business that has vehicles and people working remotely. With our tracking systems you will be able to manage your vehicles and employees. This gives you many benefits such as surveillance of your company assets, reduced fuel costs, proof of routes etc. With our personal trackers you will stay in contact with your staff at all times with normal phone communications via our device, GPS position, panic button, lone worker, spy call in emergency situations. All of these options available in one simple to use device.

Vigilant offers you market leading Time and Tracking solutions that will give you all the tools needed for an easier management of your staff, increasing levels of productivity and standards of service.